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Australia’s tight rental market forces tenants to make tough choices

Nationwide rental vacancies at all-time lowsSome tenants downsizing, moving into shared housingCentral

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Next Generation Perks That Tenants Want

In both the office and industrial sectors of the commercial real estate

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Industrial Tenants in Southern California Making More Budget-Conscious Decisions

Almost 170 Class B industrial leases were signed in the second quarter

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Questions Nervous Landlords Should Ask Their Tenants

It almost seems too obvious a point to make that a property’s

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B+E Talks With Four Springs Capital Trust’s Cindy Daly On Tenants That Didn’t Pay Rent During the Pandemic

As the head of underwriting for Four Springs Capital Trust, a private

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Here’s How Tenants Can Guard Against Precarious Landlord Situations

Many office tenants and landlords are in – or are entering –

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What Is Really Driving Office Tenants Wait-and-See Attitude?

It has been amply clear that both an uncertain economy and the

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These Three Factors Are Driving Office Tenants’ Decisions

A new international survey of office occupiers released by Cushman & Wakefield

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A Look at Tenants’ Decision-Making As They Rationalize Their Real Estate

Increasingly companies are evaluating their real estate holdings to see if they

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SFR Tenants are Getting Stickier and Less Rent-Sensitive

Single-family monthly rental rates increased from $2,212 to $2,330 at the close

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IOS: Higher Rents Than Traditional Industrial But Weaker Tenants

Rents for industrial outdoor storage (IOS) have grown faster than traditional industrial

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Landlord Amenities to Lure Employees Back to Tenants’ Offices

People in the office sector are either getting really nervous or should

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