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Ethereum [ETH]: Assessing the withdrawal patterns on centralized exchanges since Shapella

Kraken accounted for nearly 25% of all principal ETH withdrawals since the

3 Min Read

Analyzing Ethereum’s [ETH] latest updates after Shapella and their relevance

Ethereum developers discussed their next moves on a developer call. Interest in

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Over $1,800,000,000 in Ethereum Waiting To Be Unstaked Following Shapella Update: IntoTheBlock

Nearly $2 billion worth of Ethereum (ETH) is set to be unstaked

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BNB Chain outshines Ethereum’s L1 but Shapella reveals that…

Daily active users on the BNB Chain tripled those on Ethereum The

4 Min Read

Is Optimism’s ecosystem really thriving after Shapella Fork’s interruption

Optimism Goerli nodes halted temporarily, business went on as usual for Optimism

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